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2014 Cyber Cup Racing Rulebook

 CCrF1 Series Rules
1.    Vehicles:

a.    All drivers must compete in the same car and under the same display name each week of the series.

b.    Vehicle tires may be restricted to one compound option or a maximum tires used for the event limit.

c.    Vehicle setups may be restricted by a series admin to increase competition level or increase difficulty level.

2.    Qualifying Etiquette & Rules

a.    A driver is required to allow enough space between themselves and the car in front. i.e. a 5 second gap to the vehicle in front.

b.    A driver not on a hot lap is to move off the racing line when a vehicle approaches to allow them past on their hot lap.

c.    Blocking another driver or preventing them from completing their hot lap may result in a penalty.

d.    Any driver found cutting corners / chicanes will receive a penalty of 1 lap post race. You are required to have at least two tires on the racing surface at all times.

e.    Should a driver cut a corner / chicane they are advised to move out of the grove and give the gained time back before resuming racing.

f.    Forcing a driver off track will be penalized post-race 1 lap.

3.    Racing Etiquette & Rules:

a.    Once a driver is on the grid they are to hold the brake pedal until the start lights turn on. Drivers are encouraged to use launch control.
b.    Any movement on the race grid may result in a penalty.

c.    Drivers are not to make contact or force opponents off the track, they may be disqualified or penalized post-race.

d.    Drivers are not to cut corners / chicanes. Post-race penalties will apply.

e.    Should the first lap of the race see 25% of drivers DNF the race may be restarted once per event.

f.    Under race conditions, any car that reportedly hits another will be given a -2 point penalty.

4.    Points System:

a.    Points will be consistently rewarded in the same manner as f1 rules.

1st : 25 points
2nd : 18 points
3rd : 15 points
4th : 12 points
5th : 10 points
6th : 8 points
7th : 6 points
8th : 4 points
9th : 2 points
10th : 1 point

5.    Flag Rules:

a.    Drivers are to obey the flag rules for the racing series All flags given by the mod must be served.

b.    Black flags must be served to prevent disqualification.

c.    Blue flags must be honored. You are to allow the following vehicle to pass.

6.    Pit Lane Rules & Etiquette:

a.    Drivers are to use greater care when entering or exiting pits. Contact with another car will result in a -2 point post race penalty.

b.    Drivers are to enable the pit lane limiter while in the pit lane.

c.    At pit-exit there is a light tree with green, red and blue lights. The blue lights, when flashing, indicate that there is a car coming up the start/ finish straight at full speed. A driver in the pit lane is to wait until the blue lights stop flashing before exiting the pit lane. Any incident involved with entering or exiting the pit lane will result in a -2 point post race penalty.

7.    General Driving Etiquette and Rules:

a.    Driver making contact with another driver will receive a -2 point post race penalty.

b.    When overtaking a fellow competitor, hold position behind and to one side of the slower car so they can see you fully in their mirrors. Do not commit to a pass until you have given them ample time to move out of your way.
c.    Drivers must make sure the track is clear before re-entering the track or resuming the racing line or after recovering from a spin.

d.    It will be each driver’s own responsibility to drive cleanly whatever the situation. If you cannot stay on track (whether through car damage, controller problems etc) you should park your car and alert by saying # of car and finished.

8.    Off the track:

a. Drivers must respect all other members, administration and be professional at all times. Membership at Cyber Cup Racing is a privilege not a right. Members who abuse voice chat, forum, private massaging, email can have membership evoked.
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